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The growth in the supply of rooms in shared flats. Advantages and disadvantages.

The supply of rooms in shared apartments has increased by 34% in the last year in Spain. The average price of rooms has been reduced by 4.7%, going from 368 euros per month in August 2022 to 351 euros in August 2023. Today the cities with the most room supply are Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville and Granada, while the most expensive are Barcelona, ​​Madrid, San Sebastián, Palma and Bilbao. The profile of users looking for rooms is mostly young, between 18 and 34 years old, and with a preference for sharing a flat with people of the same age and sex; and the reasons for sharing a flat are mainly economic, but also social and cultural.

The increase in the supply of rooms in shared apartments is due to the increase in rental prices, which means that many tenants cannot assume a complete lease and choose to share expenses. The escalation of the CPI, the upward trend in interest rates and the lack of supply of rental homes, which make it difficult to access one's own home and force people to resort to the rental market. And the mostly young profile of the users, who seek to emancipate themselves from the family nest.

Next, we leave you some advantages and disadvantages of renting rooms.


  • Sharing the costs of rent, electricity, water, internet, etc., which means economic savings and easier to make ends meet.

  • Meeting new people and having company, which can enrich social and cultural life, as well as offer emotional support and help in case of need.

  • Learning to live with different people, which can improve communication, negotiation, tolerance and respect skills.


  • Losing privacy and intimacy, since common spaces are shared and dependent on the rules and habits of others.

  • Having conflicts or problems with roommates, for example, due to the distribution of tasks, use of the bathroom, noise, visitors, etc.

  • Adapt to frequent changes, as roommates may leave or come without notice, which can lead to instability and uncertainty.


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