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The challenge of finding affordable housing in Spain

Official control organizations in Spain recommend allocating approximately 30% of your income to paying for your home to be able to live comfortably and cover the rest of the month's expenses. However, job insecurity and rising housing prices make it difficult for citizens to access a standard 80-square-meter home. Instead, they are forced to settle for a smaller home. Although the law establishes that a home must have at least 25 square meters to meet the necessary habitability requirements, it is logical to think that the more members a family unit has, the more space is needed to ensure coexistence with minimum conditions of comfort and health. .

If this rule is applied considering the average price of housing and the national gross salary, it can be seen that with a third of the salary you could only rent a house of 54 square meters.

This analysis is based on the average prices of rental housing from the Real Estate Index of the different portals and the data on the average salaries of job offers published on different platforms.


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