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New housing law

With the new Housing Law on the table, tenants will be affected, whether they already have a rental contract or are going to formalize one again.

Those who already have a rental contract in force should know that future price updates will have to be limited to 3%, so they will be disconnected from the CPI (Consumer Price Index) as was the case until now when raising the rent .

Owners will be able to change the price update system later, since it is planned to create a new index lower than the CPI that specifically serves to update rental prices. It is expected that with the new Housing Law it will be possible to find more affordable rental housing, even in those areas that have been declared as stressed.

And it is that in the stressed areas there will be a limit that cannot be passed, which will be different depending on whether the owner is small or large. The new Housing Law also defines and modifies the rental expenses that tenants will have to assume from now on. At this time, the tenants pay the costs of formalizing the contract, which include the first month's rent, the deposit, the additional guarantee and the real estate commission.

In stressed areas there will be a cap on the rental price, but this will vary depending on whether the owner is a large owner or a small owner. In the case of large holders, the rental price may not be higher than the increase registered by the Price Containment Index (there is still no information on it). In the case of small owners, the price of the new contract may not exceed the increase with the rent update index, taking the contract of the previous tenant as a reference. In 2024, with the new limit of 3%, the contract may not be for more than 1,030 euros. It is necessary to know, of course, that renting to a large fork or small owner will only have an impact if the house is rented in a stressed area. With the new Housing Law and the application of ceilings in stressed areas, tenants will have the right to check if, in effect, the owner is complying with the legislation and is not raising the rent abusively. If the home is in a stressed area, the tenant may request proof of the price the previous tenant paid for the rent. If the house is in a non-stressed area, can the owner raise the rental price? In the case of those who are going to rent a new home, small owners may increase the price of the home based on the price of the previous contract and applying the current index. Instead, holders will have to abide by the price containment index, which has not yet been defined.


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